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Jason Ash

Jason has more than 13 years of training and assessment experience, gained predominantly in corporate environments. He has specialised in delivering training in sales, coaching, business communication and management and has received international acclaim for his work in Learning and Development.

Jason was the winner of the Platinum Award for “Best Young Learning Leader” at the 2011 LearnX Asia-Pacific Awards and was named a young trainer to watch by US Training Magazine in 2012. In addition to his dynamic face-to-face facilitation, Jason has built skills in developing effective online training programs and has been heavily involved in the customisation of training material to meet unique client needs.

Jason is a two-time MRWED Trainer of the year and is one of only three trainers to be certified in Bob Pike’s Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp, the world’s most well-respected trainer training program.

A strong advocate for the participant-centred approach to training, Jason has spoken on the topic of Creative Training Techniques at conferences all over Australia and at multiple events in the United States. Most recently Jason was named as the top presenter at the Annual Creative Training Techniques conference in Minneapolis (2014).

Jason to be a Speaker at 2013 AITD National Conference

MRWED Train-the-Trainer specialist, Jason Ash will showcase the magic of the participant-centred approach to training at the AITD National conference in April. He will be presenting the “Fun-sized Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp” at the event, which is the key conference for Learning and Development professionals in Australia. The popularly continues to grow for this program as it becomes a regular feature of learning conferences across the country.

MRWED to host welcome function for National VET Conference in Melbourne

MRWED are proud to announce that they are the official sponsors of the welcome function at this year’s National VET Conference to be held in Melbourne on the 19th/20th September. Event organisers, VELG Training have selected a Hawaiian theme for the function and Marc and Jason got into the spirit of this theme below.

Jason to speak at AITD Event in Adelaide

MRWED’s Jason Ash will be showing off our creative training techniques at the AITD “Oxygen for Learning” event to be held in Adelaide on October 20. This one day forum brings together a series of power packed sessions to invigorate and oxygenate your development. “Oxygen for Learning” denotes the need for individuals and organisations to invest and engage in ongoing learning.