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Learning Leaders Summit

What is the Learning Leaders Summit?

The Learning Leaders Summit is an invitation to all of Australia's leading teachers, trainers and facilitators to gather together for two days of professional development where the focus will be on skills development in a fun, innovative environment.

Who should attend?

The Summit is the perfect professional development opportunity for teachers, trainers and facilitators from a range of educational and business spaces. The Summit is specifically focused on helping attendees set themselves apart from the pack, so that they not only become better educators/presenters, but recognisable Learning Leaders. With this in mind, it is anticipated that attendees will include trainers working in Private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), TAFE Institutes and Learning and Development departments within medium to large organisations. School teachers and higher education lecturers with a commitment to improving their skills are also expected to attend.

The Summit Theme

The theme for the Learning Leaders Summit 2013 is “Create, Innovate and Play”. This theme cuts to the heart of what makes learning effective:  involvement, interaction and a passion for finding new ways to solve old problems. Aside from relevant keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to extend their tool boxes with physical take-aways that they will be involved in developing.

Unique Features

The Summit is all about developing Learning Leaders as opposed to sharing information about industry changes or proposed government policies. Each presentation and workshop has been designed to produce tangible outcomes for the participants. The Summit will focus on providing professional development for attendees by helping them build improved skills and knowledge as an educator in their relevant field.

Summit Format

The Summit will feature keynote addresses and panel discussions. These will be supplemented by a variety of workshops of 90 minutes and break-out sessions of 60 minutes in duration. Additionally, the Summit will provide extras not typically included at conferences such as:

  • Scheduled Meet 'n' Greets after all sessions so that attendees can ask follow-up questions and secure one-on-one guidance from the presenters.
  • Additional 30 minute seminars demonstrating specific "how to" skills of direct relevance to delegates, such as "Twitter: Take-Off and Tweet Today", "Podcasting 101", "Getting Offline Learning Online" and "Blogging for Beginners".
  • Hands-on Resource Development. The “play” part of the theme will be extended with rolling resource and game development workshops held over the two days.
  • A "Relaxation Station" that will help participants chill-out and tune-in to the Summit's content, whist connecting with other delegates. Short Yoga sessions will also be available to book into from the Relaxation Station.
  • A Learning Leaders Lounge, where attendees can sit down one-to-one with their preferred MRWED Learning Leader and ask questions or discuss any specific challenges they are facing in their job role.
  • A Book Club – a space for you to grab coffee and a good book. Check out some of the latest learning and development titles available, prior to purchase!Netwalking. All Summit attendees are invited to participate in "Netwalking" by meeting outside the Summit venue at 6:30am on Tuesday the 19th and then enjoying a 30 minute stroll through nearby Hyde Park to kick-start their day.

For more info and to book tickets please visit the Learning Leaders Summit website