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Enhancing support for Language, Literacy and Numeracy skill needs


Friday, August 13, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:00


Everyone uses LLN skills every day for a variety of purposes – personal, social, training and for work. Different tasks and contexts need different types of reading, writing, listening, speaking and numeracy skills, so people need to continually develop and adapt these skills to suit new situations.

This webinar will provide guidance on how to analyse the LLN needs in a training specification or workplace standard, using the Australian Core Skills Framework. It will also shine a light on key LLN challenges students may present with and will discuss how trainers and assessors can select, use and develop strategies and resources (including specialist support) to address the requirements. Thus, creating better outcomes for learners.

Key outcomes:

  • Identify the LLN skill requirements (reading, writing, speaking, listening and numeracy) of the training specification and/or assessment process relevant to vocational delivery
  • Pinpoint sources to gather information on the current LLN skills of a learner group
  • Identify common LLN challenges students face and ways to reduce learning issues
  • Explore available sources of support to address the identified LLN skill needs of the learner group.