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Customised Programs

MRWED Training and Assessment specialise in programs that support the growth of Learning and Development professionals globally. Whether your team is just starting out, or are seasoned veterans, we can tailor a program to build their skills and knowledge and improve the transfer of learning to your audience.

Through our proven “participant centred” approach, we will help your Team engage the learners faster so you will save time, increase the retention of key concepts that in turn will reduce the amount of retraining needed and improve the motivation of learners to be more accountable for their own learning.  

If you are looking for training that is dynamic and fun, yet still enables your team to sharpen their skills and make the learning stick, then we have both accredited and non-accredited options for you to consider.

As a RTO, MRWED has the following qualifications on our scope of registration:

  • TAE40116 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • BSB42015  – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • TAE50116 – Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
  • TAE50216 – Diploma of Training Design and Development

Using these qualifications as a foundation to the Training, not only can we develop customised solutions with learning outcomes tailored to your organisation, we can also deliver and assess these in line with one or more of these qualifications to give your Team a formal Statement of Attainment for units completed, a full Certificate or even a Diploma!

Here is the feedback we have received from some of our custom courses:

I engaged MRWED to provide a short Train the Trainer course during our annual conference. Any trepidation I had about putting our varied group of trainers through the course vanished as soon as I met the trainer.   Jason met the brief – to provide our trainers with useful techniques for revitalizing their own courses – perfectly. All of our trainers came out of the course buzzing with enthusiasm and raring to get to their next course! MRWED will definitely be at the top of our list for our next professional development session.

The instructor was brilliant and conveyed the content extremely well. Steve was a fantastic facilitator.  The course itself I found to be really beneficial not only for my work as an instructor but also as a student it gave me structure of training and assessment and I believe that more regular sessions of this course would benefit the organisation and further professional development of the staff.  The course material provided was a professional as I could have asked for.

Really like the course, the presenter and the content. It was well paced and good quality.  Will definitely consider further training opportunities for professional development.

MRWED’s Head of Learning, Phillip Jefford with a Team in Philippines.

Some of our popular customised programs include:

Assessor Skill Set – TAESS00001 The Trainers Toolkit: 52 Techniques to engage and enliven your audience
Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set -TAESS00003 Create learning resources that help the content to stick
Enterprise Trainer - Presenting Skill Set - TAESS00007 Doing something with the data: Make informed decisions about your VET learning and teaching practice
Enterprise Trainer - Mentoring Skill Set - TAESS00008 The Trainers Cook Book:  Recipes for Learning Engagement Success
2 or 3 day Creative training techniques  Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp Creating Best Practice Assessment Instruments and tools
Advanced Facilitation skills Workshop: Discover a range of techniques for managing different facilitation situations The C.O.R.E of facilitation: Develop a series of Closing, Opening, Revisiting and Energising  activities to engage the learners
Assessment in Action: Putting the technical principles of assessment and rules of evidence in practice How to maintain vocational competency:  techniques and templates to support the journey


If the program that you are looking for is not listed here, just give our dedicated Client Engagement Team a call.

Micaela McNamara comes from a customer support background and has a passion for learning and development. The MRWED Client Relations Team are here to support you every step of the way.

The Team will be able to provide you with a formal quote, coordinate the enrolment process, work with your key stakeholders to understand the needs of your Team and coordinate the design and customisation of the program (where required).

If you would like more information on how MRWED can help you, contact us on 1800 287 246 or email us at [email protected]

If you want more information about our Training and Assessement Consulting please download the brochure.

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Corporate Training News

Creating a Soundtrack to Learning

If you want to be in tune and in sync with your learners, consider creating a soundtrack for learning! For many people, music plays a significant role in their personal lives. It helps them to focus, to bring joy, to reinforce positive memories and increase energy levels. However, we seem to switch it off when we go to work or apply it in less meaningful ways.

3 Review Techniques for learners

Most people don’t remember much of what is taught if they only hear it once. But there are literally hundreds of ways you can review content and not all are created equal. Some can be dry and boring while others can be more thoughtful and creative.
In order to move information from the short-term memory into the long-term, try one of these interactive review techniques at your next session.

FEEDBACK is for everyone.

Giving feedback is a powerful way of improving the performance of peers and students. Many find it difficult to construct and deliver feedback that impacts others appropriately and profoundly. The truth is this, consistent practice and skilful delivery of feedback will change the course of our peers and students’ careers.  

Setting up a Group Activity

If your background is more of a lecture-based approach, it wouldn’t be surprising if the idea of group activities scares you. But don’t be afraid! Studies – and our own experience here at MRWED – prove that group activities result in much higher learning. They really do embody the idea that “adults learn by doing”.

Five reasons why interaction is important in training

Traditional education was premised upon the “master and apprentice” model, where the expert was the holder of wisdom and the instruction only went in one direction. Today, we understand the importance of two-way communications between the teacher and the learners, but also recognise the value of the interactions that learners have with each other.