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Training Options for TAELLN411


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MRWED Training and Assessment commenced online delivery in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) in December 2010. MRWED has received a wealth of positive feedback and improvement suggestions that has steered the online courses development, culminating in the implementation of a new and improved Learning Management System in May 2014. MRWED’s onlinecourses give students the option to start anytime and utilise self-paced study to determine how quickly they finish their studies. MRWED’s online courses provide an exciting option for people wanting to obtain their MRWED qualification working from their office or home. Students benefit from easy access to MRWED’s Learner Success Team through instant messaging, email and telephone via a FREECALL number. MRWED’s online courses are very simple to navigate and provide an attractive option for students that wish to complete their course efficiently without having to navigate complex menus.

MRWED students who are enrolled in our Online courses can login here.