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Facilitator-led Online Learning

MRWED has now combined the Zoom webinar platform with our popular self-paced online program to create a facilitator-led, online learning program via Zoom! This option continues to use the online learning platform Canvas to host and coordinate training and assessment activities, whilst also adding an extra level of support via scheduled Zoom sessions. During these live, facilitator-led sessions, a MRWED Learning Leader will introduce students to critical course content, in a way that often mimics the dynamic interactions of our face-to-face training. They will also provide additional coaching and support to learners to aid in the preparation of projects and completion of other assessment activities.

Additionally, students benefit from easy access to MRWED’s Learner Success Team through instant messaging, email and telephone via a FREECALL number.

MRWED’s online courses are intuitive to navigate and provide an attractive option for students who wish to complete their course efficiently, without having to access a range of complex menus.